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At New Rochelle Towing Company, our dedication to excellence encompasses the realm of light-duty towing services – an essential area for many. We recognize that smaller vehicles deserve the same level of care and expertise as their larger counterparts. Our light-duty towing services in New Rochelle are intricately crafted to address the unique needs of compact cars, motorcycles, and other lighter vehicles, ensuring a reliable and efficient towing experience.

Within New Rochelle Towing Company, we take pride in our state-of-the-art fleet of tow trucks and a team of skilled professionals ready to handle any light-duty towing scenario. Whether you find yourself stranded on the roadside or need precise vehicle transportation, our dedicated team is at your service.

In every light-duty towing operation, we prioritize safety, timeliness, and professionalism. New Rochelle Towing Company stands as your trusted partner, ensuring that your smaller vehicles receive the attention and care they rightfully deserve. Gain peace of mind knowing that our experts are just a call away, ready to provide top-notch light-duty towing services tailored to your specific needs in New Rochelle, New York.

Light Duty Towing—What Is It?

Light-duty towing, jokingly referred to as recovering vehicles at night with the lights on, takes on a more serious tone when considering the retrieval of vehicles weighing between 1 to 6 tons. This expansive category encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, and our drivers and dispatchers adeptly handle this variety. Here are just a few examples of the vehicles we routinely tow:

  • SUVs
  • Wagons
  • Roadsters
  • Light trucks
  • Mini-vans
  • Sedans

As long as the weight stays under 12,000 pounds, we classify the job as light-duty. In Westchester County, you can consistently rely on New Rochelle Towing Company to handle all your light-duty towing requirements.

Low, Low Rates

We offer budget-friendly towing solutions without compromising on service quality. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes providing affordable prices, and ensuring towing is accessible to everyone in New Rochelle, New York. Recognizing that unforeseen vehicle issues can be stressful, our transparent pricing underscores our dedication to alleviating that burden.

At New Rochelle Towing Company, we advocate for fair and competitive rates across all our towing services, whether it’s light-duty towing, RV assistance, or specialized EV hauling. Our goal is to ensure that customers receive top-notch towing services at reasonable prices, enabling them to overcome road challenges without straining their budget. Choose New Rochelle Towing Company for reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly towing solutions that prioritize both your vehicle and financial well-being.

Modern Techniques

At New Rochelle Towing Company, our approaches to light-duty towing are as diverse as the vehicles we assist, ensuring precision and care in every towing operation. While a standard hook-and-chain tow truck typically suffices for routine light-duty towing, cars that aren’t designed for this, such as an EV, are better off placed on a flatbed.

For standard light-duty tows, our well-equipped fleet features cutting-edge tow trucks with reliable hook and chain systems, ensuring the secure and efficient transport of smaller vehicles. However, in situations involving EV hauling or other unique circumstances, New Rochelle Towing Company takes an extra step. In these instances, we opt for a more secure method by strapping the vehicle onto a flatbed. This not only ensures the safety of the towed vehicle but also addresses the distinctive requirements of electric vehicles.

Our commitment to versatility and safety sets us apart, making New Rochelle Towing Company the top choice for light-duty towing in New Rochelle, New York. Whether it’s a standard tow or specialized EV hauling, count on us for dependable and tailored towing solutions that prioritize the well-being of your vehicles.

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